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March 15, 2011


Sandy (Strlady)

I have been there and while graduating HS and going off to college was a big moment in my life as a parent, as I look at it now, I should not have worried so much. I should have been more concerned with when she graduated with college.
When my daughter left for college (only child to a single parent), I was concerned about how she would handle things and if she would be able to 'swim' among the sharks. I missed her deeply but phone calls, Homecoming/parent weekend and then Thanksgiving and Xmas eased that first semester. I realize now that college was a way for me to learn to let go because even though she was far away (she was 7 hours away), she still came home for the holidays and spring break. So I actually got her back every 10 weeks or so (she was in a Trimester schedule). After a few years she started planning trips on Spring break so the January - May leg of the year was longer.
When she finally graduated I was more prepared for her to find a job and move away on a more permanent basis. It still hurt, but without those 4 years to prepare me, I would have, most likely, fallen apart.

I hope you get to enjoy every single minute you have those girls with you. Savor each day.


It's not easy, but I can tell you that you do survive and then life kind of "backfills" the void left when they leave the nest. My personal experience was that as my kids moved into each phase of their lives, I would always think "this is my favorite phase" After I adjusted to life after parenthood, I really began to enjoy watching their adult lives develop. It is a bit sad as things change and people move on, but it is such an opportunity for growth. And when we see our hard work pay off and our children become productive members of society and then parents themselves, it's pretty exciting!

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