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October 22, 2011



Good Gracious! Sorry to hear about the 3 months in the cast...even more so about the surgery with plates and pins and such. How's she gonna get through school? BOY am I glad she did her talent thing already. Is O being sympathetic? Looks like there'll be lots of bonding between you two...even more than usual. Prayers, pity - you got it. Suggestions for daily and humor are gonna be the best way to get through it, I think. Remind her that in about 50 years, she'll be doing all this for you! God Bless S and You! (does she do painting jobs like this normally, or was this a first time adventure? what restaurant?)


This wasn't a pity party at all -- it's a fact of life. I'm glad to read your daughter will be fine, and three months is really a short time if it leads to full recovery. I wish you many blessings and much patience as you help your daughter.


Oh dear...Moms hurt when their children hurt. I will keep you and your sweet girl in my prayers and send warm and happy thoughts your way. On the flip is a GREAT way to watch a lot of movies without feeling guilty!!


Oh gosh, Juanita, this is just awful. I hope she heals quickly and as painlessly as possible. What a trooper! Your sewing will still be there once she's able to do more things for herself, but I know you will be missing it.


oh no!!! i broke my (dominant) wrist - pin screws, etc...physical therapy - the kind that really pushes you after surgery, is a real help - although painful. i hope all goes well!

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