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March 07, 2011



Your presentation and the February meeting on binding and this tutorial are fabulous! I am no longer afraid of binding...seriously!
Thank you! :)

Susan Lewis

I was so sad to miss your presentation last month, so thrilled to see this. And you. are. frigging. brilliant. Love the way you connect the ends. Way, way, way better than anything else I've ever seen and I cant wait to try it on one of the quilts currently glaring at me to finish them.


Thank you thank you thank you for posting this!!!! I was at the Feb meeting, and I have little kids who I'm convinced eat my brain. I have been anxious to try your binding technique! thanks again :)


omg thank you for this! I HATE joining the binding together at the end, it's the most annoying part. I'll have to try your way on my next quilt! so once it's tucked in you don't have to do anything to the little "pocket"?


this is so clever!!! thank you so much for sharing it!!


oh.... :> this ROCKS! i am soooo trying this next time! Thanks :)


tried it... LOVED it!!!! thanks so much :>


Thank you for this detailed binding tut! I know I can do it now, I've been so scared to try (my first quilting project)

bedroom furniture

great man :D

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