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June 14, 2011


Sherry B.

and to think that long loopy carpet (don't think they call it shag) is popular again. The gold and avocado appliances all live in the city dump ground and have been replaced by stainless...but I'm betting they'll be back someday. Hip huggers obviously have come back in style...maybe a little bit TOO much back in style...they'd have to be pulled up several inches to reach the hips, now! And, then there are some things about the 70's I can do without revisiting...


OH Yes, How could I forget the avocado appliances and the shag carpet! It was a more laid back time so we made up for it by adding COLOR to our world in the way we knew how. But comparing to today, I think that might be my preference to the expected lifestyles one thinks is necessary now. But am glad the sewing fast during commericals has gone by the wayside too. :)


I like this pic so much.

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