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July 14, 2011


I love the pic of the hay and big puffy clouds....what a perfect Texas summer picture!


Me! I want to know who this repairman is!
I hate the sound of locusts and air conditioners droning all day. Although I REALLY appreciate the coolness an air conditioner brings, the constant sound makes my head buzz and reminds me that my electric meter is spinning at super sonic speeds! So the sound I like most is when the air conditioner cycles off in the middle of the night....silence, sweet silence!


Sounds of summer? The ice cubes clinking into the tall glass of iced tea, followed by the plunk of a lemon wedge. Worst sound...the straw at the very bottom of an empty glass of iced tea...time to refill!
This heat is why grandma has so many trees in her yard and so many windows in the catch any breeze she could! Your locust and my ceiling fan chain clinking against the light fixture...gotta love 'em!

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