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April 18, 2012


Sandy M

I know what you are going through! My daughter and I struggled over wedding pictures. I think the thing that pushes us to embrace "normalacy" is the possibility that when they get older they will have a sense of regret. I love you the way you are but I don't want you to look back later in life and think you have nothing (or wackiness) to show for this moment in your life. You don't know what changes life has in store for them and the need to cover "all bases" is strong.
She and I compromised. I asked that the ceremony be mine (traditional) and the reception was hers. She asked for a set of traditional photos "for Mom" and the others where all over the place. If she doesn't change, she will have those crazy pictures to reflect where they were when they married, but if when they are celebrating thier 50th anniversary they want something subdued... Those too are there. Good Luck with yours!


Cut Loose! There's way too many days of your life you have to follow everyone else's rules and be stifled. Both of you breathe...big breath in, big breath out. Is a stiff picture how you want to remember your baby's big day? Or is HER picture what you'll always remember! Mine are as boring as I am. I wish mine had some SAS about them!

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